RVP Analysis

Learn What Major League Hitters Do!

Right View Pro Technology

The basis for hitting instruction at NCBA is the Major League Swing! Regardless of style all the best hitters in the world have common denominators in their swings that make them the BEST! Lesson packages compare you side by side with the best- sign up today and see for yourself!! Right View Pro may be added to any Single lesson for an additional $20 but it is included in the Packages.


“RVP is to the theory of hitting what Darwin is to the theory of evolution. RVP lets you see the building blocks of all the great hitters.”– Andy Van Slyke, Former MLB All-Star and current coach for the Detroit Tigers

“RVP is excited about the things we have learned but we are equally excited about the things we will learn in the future using this technology.”– Don Slaught, President RVP