Train using the same metrics being used to evaluate and train all MLB, MiLB, and NCAA players!

Your numbers define you!

All Lessons with Rapsodo will include free access to your data via Rapsodo’s Cloud storage!

Rapsodo Pitching

Our Rapsodo Pitching Sensor captures up to 13 measurements of every pitch thrown. We are able to combine slow motion video of the pitcher’s mechanics and pair it with the data to create the best pitching analysis available!

Immediate, measurable feedback helps pitcher’s quickly understand how their mechanics affect their pitches.

Data measured includes:

Pitch Velocity
Spin Rate and Efficiency
Spin Axis
Pitch Break
Release Angle and Direction
Release Extension and Height
Strike Zone Location

Rapsodo Pitching analysis is only available during
pitching lessons with Scott Bankhead.
Included in every package!

Rapsodo Hitting

Our Rapsodo Hitting sensor captures 6 types of data on every hit. We combine slow motion video of the hitter’s mechanics with the data captured by the sensor to create the most efficient learning environment available!

Immediate feedback helps the hitter quickly understand how their approach, timing, and mechanics affect their results.

Data collected includes:

Exit Velocity
Launch Angle
Exit Direction
Spin Rate/Axis
3D Flight/Distance
Pitch Location

Rapsodo Hitting analysis is only available during
hitting lessons with Jeff Guerrie.
Included in every package!