Basic Baseball Skills Lessons

Basic Baseball Skills Lessons at NCBA are designed for the Beginner Baseball player to get some repetitions and coaching in ALL general aspects of playing baseball.

Catching and Throwing

  • Proper grip and arm action to create good backspin on the throw
  • Appropriate glove angles and catching fundamentals
  • Correct use of footwork to improve accuracy

Fielding ground balls and fly balls

  • Transitions from ready position to fielding position to throw fundamentals
  • Learn proper technique in the main 3 ground ball fielding positions: routine, backhand, and forehand
  • Build confidence catching fly balls over the head
  • Use proper footwork to make accurate throws


  • Proper plate coverage
  • Athletic and balanced stance
  • Create a strong hitting position at toe touch
  • Good use of lower body during hip rotation
  • Consistent balance
  • Pitch tracking, strike zone awareness, and timing

“Player development is accelerated by the proper learning environment and proper training methods. NCBA has them both! The facilities and instructional staff at NCBA are the finest I have seen on the east coast!”  — MLB Scouting Director

baseball lessons

Basic Baseball Skills Lesson Rates 

Instructor Lesson Type 30 Minute 30 Minute w/Rapsodo

4-30 Minute


8-30 Minute


Jeff Guerrie Hitting, Catching, Pitching, Fielding, Basic Skills $68 N/A $260 $500
Hansen Butler HittingPitching, Fielding, Basic Skills $55 N/A $210 $400
Saunders Joplin Hitting, Catching, Pitching, Fielding, Basic Skills $55 N/A $210 $400
Colin Smith Hitting, Catching, Pitching, Fielding, Basic Skills $55 N/A $210 $400

Lesson Appointments and Packages expire 1 year from the date of purchase.