The Batting Cages at NC Baseball Academy have been customized for your fun and enjoyment. NC Baseball Academy has 9 total pitching machines from Master Pitch Pitching Machines for baseball and slow/fastpitch softball. We use the Iron Mike coin operated live arm pitching machine in all of our cages. These machines feature a one of a kind pitching arm that winds up and delivers the ball – just like a real pitcher. The arm throwing pitching machine will not only help a hitter improve their swing, but will also help them master rhythm and timing.  This is a very important aspect of hitting.

The Iron Mike Pitching Machine is accurate and maintains the proper speed that is set for each batting cage. For example, the 40 mph cage throw baseballs and fastpitch softballs at that speed and is controlled at the token box once you are ready to hit. The Iron Mike is dependable and makes going from speed to speed in each cage advantageous for hitting development.  Batting Cages at NC Baseball Academy also include two slow pitch softball machines as well. From the beginner to the recreational player we have a Batting Cage for you!

The cages are token operated and gives each batter 20 pitches per token in one of our open cage spaces. Each batting cage is separated by a net divider and allows the batter to see the flight of each ball hit. From the beginner to the more advanced hitter, the batting cages at NC Baseball Academy has a speed for you! Pitching machine speeds range from 40 mph to 85 mph. Token prices are the best in the Triad!!

NCBA token prices