NCBA’s Staff of Instructors

Scott Bankhead
Owner/Director NCBA
Coaches Pitching, Hitting, and Fielding

Jeff Guerrie
Asst. Director NCBA
Coaches Hitting, Catching, Pitching, Fielding, and Basic Skills

Hansen Butler
NCBA Instructor
Coaches Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, and Basic Skills

Colin Smith
NCBA Instructor
Coaches Hitting, Catching,  Pitching, Outfield and Basic Skills

Saunders Joplin
NCBA Instructor
Coaches Hitting, Catching, Pitching, and Basic Skills

North Carolina Baseball Academy curriculum and teaching philosophy have been formulated and documented by former Major League player Scott Bankhead. NCBA’s entire teaching staff is certified and trained in this curriculum to ensure each student receives the same quality of professional instruction. Our staff’s knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in the academy business and is sure to help you reach your ultimate goals as a ballplayer. NCBA’s skill development programs and teaching methods mirror those designed and used by top collegiate and professional organizations.

BETTER BASEBALL starts with the teachers. North Carolina Baseball Academy offers the best baseball instruction in the Triad. Period.

With instructors who have competed at every level of Collegiate and Professional baseball, we have the experienced  staff to match any skill level. Looking to take your game to the next level? Be sure to read up on the instructors in the Instructor Bios section to find the best match.

Whether it is long term instruction or to fine tune your skills with one on one training, the team at NCBA is dedicated to your success!

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